Dell Inspiron Commercial

Silent City
This is the trailer to a short film I was in recently called Silent City. It was written and directed by the extremely talented Dave Droxler. I played a woman giving birth with a very incompetent doctor, and the best part is that my real life daughter was the newborn in the film (although she was about 5 months old at the time). My vignette can be found here.

Parker & Steve

Wicked Man
This is a video of my showcase performance at AMDA. The song is "Wicked Man" from the musical Ernest in Love. It was such a fun song to sing, and I was excited to learn about the show too. I think it's a highly underrated show, it has some really great music in it!

Somethings are Meant to Be
This is also from my showcase at AMDA. The song is "Somethings are Meant to Be" from Little Women. It is such a beautiful song, a little sad, but so lovely and wonderful to sing. The song is very close to my heart and it was hard to get through it without crying every night. The girl who is playing Jo is my classmate Sylvia Batey.